Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dime Wars & Helping Local Families in Need

Small [AND LARGE] Acts of Kindness are what this holiday season are really about.  In the midst of many educational changes, horrific tragedies in schools, and other obstacles we must overcome with our students, it is the 'extra' things we do that truly make a difference.  

Every year at Christmas time, Student Council sponsors the Dime Wars, along with various other fundraisers, to help area families in need. 

Here is their story: 

The CHS Student Council held its annual Dime Wars competition the week of December 10-14th.  The purpose of the competition was to raise money for local families in need.  The grades competed to have the most “positive” money in their jar at the end of the week.  It was called Dime Wars because dimes were considered “negative” and subtract in value from the total.  The PRIZE for the winning grade level this year was the right to have the best seat in the house during the winter assembly. 
The seniors were the champions of the Dime Wars this year and as a reward get to keep their floor spot for the assembly on Friday, December 21st.  CHS Student Council raised $ 500 during the competition.  That money was combined with money raised from the homecoming dance plus a personal donation.  The budget for each child was set at $50 with half being spent on NEEDS and the other half on WANTS.  As a result, student council was able to assist 12 families, including 38 children ages one to seventeen, all within the Celina School District.  

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Toy Drive for Dayton Cildren's

Small [AND LARGE] Acts of Kindness are what this holiday season are really about.  In the midst of many educational changes, horrific tragedies in schools, and other obstacles we must overcome with our students, it is the 'extra' things we do that truly make a difference.  Every year, English Teacher Alicia Sneddon organizes a toy drive for patients at Dayton Children's Hospital.  

Here is her story: 

A month ago, planning was well under way for our third toy drive at Celina High School for Dayton Children's Hospital – and toys were very slowly tr
ickling in.  We set a goal of collecting 500 toys.  I thought this goal was a lofty one and I was afraid I had set us up for failure. 
Last week, we rode to Dayton with around 50 students and 1,292 toys! THAT'S 1,292 TOYS!  From teddy bears and Cabbage Patch dolls to hot wheels cars and Nerf Guns, it was obvious that the generosity of our community was not only alive, but well.  On some days when I arrived at school my door would be blocked by large bags of toys and students waiting to update our count. Each year, I continue to be reminded that what makes our high school “Excellent with Distinction” are not the scores on tests, but the people who make up the community in and out of it.      I wish that each and every one of you could have sat with us at Steak and Shake.  Some of the students we take on this trip have never been outside of Mercer County.  More importantly, I wish that you could have meet Katie, the 17 year old Leukemia survivor who spoke to the students about her life and experiences.  I wish you could have seen one student silently wipe tears from his face as a lot of life lessons sunk in rather deeply. I wish you could have met the nurses who passed out candy canes and whose eyes lit up as we filled not one but two rooms with toys for future patients. And I wish you could have been there to see some of our students ice skate.  They loved it. And so did I.      Each year I struggle to find words to say thank you, and this year is no different. I hope this suffices. Thank you to those of you who donated, spread the word, helped us pull emergency medical forms, signed permission slips, donated money to pay for the bus, chaperoned, drove a bus, changed your status on Facebook to spread the word, told your family, picked up toys, held a contest in your advisory class, persuaded a certain car dealership to out-donate another dealership, put boxes in your place of employment, let your children or students go, or raised your children to be the fine, upstanding citizens that we took on that bus yesterday. 
This is something I look forward to each and every year and somehow I am pleasantly surprised each time. 
Thank you. 
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 
Ms. Sneddon    

Read the Daily Standard article here.

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