Friday, May 28, 2010

Character Counts

Pictured are the CHS Character Counts Award winners with Mr. Bill Montgomery (president of the award sponsor Celina Group) and Principal Jason Luebke.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

AP Art Students Visit the Toledo Museum of Art

On Thursday, 10 AP Art students visited the Toledo Museum of Art the day after taking the advanced placement art history test.   The students were given a brief tour of the museum by Mrs. Place and then were allowed to explore the museum on their own.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Old Bookcase

The following is an article from Joyce L. Alig, President, Mercer County Historical Society regarding the students that served at the Mercer County Historical Museum on Service Learning Day.  Thanks to Joyce for submitting this article!  We hope to come back next year and help preserve Mercer County History!!

Bryant Miller called me a few months ago, asking about placing Celina High School Students at the Mercer County Historical Museum, for the purpose of doing a public service. I suggested conservation and care of artifacts on exhibit at the Museum.  Friday, April 23, when the Students arrived with their teacher, Linda Goodwin, I gave them an educational tour of the Museum. I explained the Mission of the Historical Society is To Preserve Mercer County’s History and To Educate the Public about that History.

I talked about the delicate care needed for some exhibits and asked about their interests. I was absolutely impressed by the interest that these Students showed in the Museum Exhibits. Linda Goodwin helped with the Students. I asked the Students to write about their experiences, to be placed in the 100th Anniversary Time Capsule of the Museum, 1959-2059. I will include a few of their comments:

Ashley Gagle and Hillary Heiby, “The Window Experts” wrote, “We feel that this Museum needs to stay open. It provided us with a lot of information about Mercer County that we did not know before our School had Service Learning Day.”
Emily Bihn and Taylor Schenking, “The Fine China and Glass Cabinet Conservators,” stated, “Spending the day knowing we were doing something for the county was overwhelming. This Museum is a part of a great community that we should be thankful for!”
Andra Manci and Najeeb Memon, “The Leaded and Cut Glass Professionals,” wrote, “The Tour of the Museum was extremely interesting.  Seeing commonly used inventions from decades past was enjoyable. The Mercer County Historical Museum should most definitely be kept open for a long time.”

Miranda Bishop, “The Musical Instrument Specialist” who is partially hidden in the photograph by Matt Buschur, has hidden talents.  Miranda wrote, “My job was to dust and polish the musical instruments, especially the organs, throughout the house. I actually enjoyed dusting because I love music! I found out many different things about Mercer County’s history, and about U.S. History. Seeing the inventions of Musical Instruments is mind blowing, seeing how much we have adapted over the ages.”  Matthew Seffernick, “Multi-Talented Person”, wrote, “It was interesting seeing things that I’ve either never seen or are similar to things today.”
Tony Sutter and Nate Post, “Military Room Caretakers,” wrote, “We dusted all the gun cases and old wood tools. We believe this place should stay open because it has many facts that most people don’t know!”
Kyle Berry and Collin Byer, “Military Room Organizers” wrote, “We cleaned the Gun Room; there were a lot of old things in there. We also learned a lot of history about the county we live in.”

I saved these four workers’ remarks for last for a reason. At the 50th Anniversary of the Mercer County Historical Museum, I wrote a poem about the old Brass Hinges on the Museum’s front door. If the Hinges are polished and oiled, the Museum’s door will continue to open these next 50 years, but if ignored and forgotten, the old
Brass Hinges will close the door and dispatch the Museum to History’s Dustbin.
The Students gave me hope for the future of the Museum. I asked four young men to polish the old Brass Hinges, and other brass pieces at the Museum. This is the story written by the young men in Row 2.

“On this day, April 23, 2010 A.D., the brass of the Riley House shined with the eternal light of the hopes and dreams of all who graced the home with their presence. All of this was thanks to the valiant efforts of the 4th Brass Battalion.  Were there any better men to be found; none were found. The terrifying face of dirty brass was enough to scare away lesser men. However, these brave men of the 4th Brass Battalion stood strong. Dirty brass was never more. The only hope of the Brass Batallion is that, 50 years from now, the fine art of brass cleaning/polishing (but not limited to) grime removal, continues. Live
Long; Live Light, Live Brass!”  They assigned themselves Military Rank: Brayden Billger,
Corporal; Matt Buschur, Private; Derek Jones, Commanding General; and David Giesige, First Lieutenant.

When you visit the Museum, stop and appreciate the efforts of the Celina High School Students and their Public Service Day. They gave me their promise to return next year! Young Students give me inspiration and hope for the future of the County Museum.

The Mercer County Historical Society President Joyce Alig, may be contacted at
3054 Burk-St. Henry Road, Saint Henry, OH 45883, or or 419-678-2614.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Academic Awards & Scholarship Ceremony

On Monday night, the staff of Celina High School honored 83 different students in grades 9 - 12 with academic awards and 43 seniors with local scholarships.  Overall, 155 awards and 89 scholarships were given to CHS students totalling $67,409!!

Thanks to the 45 different local families, individuals, and organizations that donated and sponsored the many local scholarships that were given to our seniors.  We truly are blessed to have so many scholarships available to our students. 

Also, congratulations to the students who received all the awards on Monday night.  We applaud your hard work and effort!

Thanks to the teachers of CHS that have worked so hard to teach these young minds.  We have such a great staff here that is very passionate about helping our students succeed.  [By the way... this is teacher appreciation week!]

Finally, thanks to the parents for your support of your children... you have done a great job raising them!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

CHS Art Show

From Drop Box

The 2010 CHS Art Show was held Sunday afternoon. Many students took home awards, including senior Kate Imwalle (pictured above) who won the Principal's Award.  The show will be on display Monday during school hours and on Monday night from 6:00 - 6:30 preceding the Academic Awards Banquet.  A big thanks to all student participants, Mrs. Place, Mrs. Sutter, and Mercer Savings Bank (sponsor).